Suchdol house

Originally, a square-plan house was located on this plot. The main floor was elevated above ground level, there were several extensions, the floor plan was too complicated, the roof too rugged and the windows too small. Yet, the plot itself is beautiful, with great views and lovely garden. The house was updated and updated yet again, until we have built a completely new house in the original spot. We kept the original ground plan and designed a modern, spacious, clean space, connected with the patio and the garden, featuring magnificent views.
Part of our job was to design the interior. It supports the generous space, keeps it light and decor-free. Minimalism, natural materials and neutral colour scheme were our starting points. 

project: 2013/2015
realization: 2016
type of project: family house
place: Prague, Czech republic
photo: Kooa
vizualization: Filip Zelenka