Říčany house

One section of the house is inhabited by the parents, the other by their children and grandchildren. With increasing number of people, it was necessary to expand the living area. The current house sits against a hill, younger generation needs more space but inhabits the top floors of the house. Also, they need to add a garage, a terrace and open new access to the garden - all of this in the top section of the house. The new extension will connect the original building with the street, creating a new, direct access, new entry hallway is connected with the garage, the living space continues, logically, as a new garden wing of the building. On the ground floor, beneath the garage, a new, closed-in outside common area is created.
The addition has the form of a massive supporting wall that protects the fragile wooden construction from the access road. The wooden section of the building can thus open into the garden through large windows and benefit from its natural energy. The windows are protected against the sun by wooden shutters.

project: 2010/2012
realization: 2013/2016
type of project: family house
place: Říčany, Czech republic