Vysočany apartment

The ground floor apartment in the 1950s building in Vysočany was in a pitiful state. Kitchen and bathroom were outdated, the entry hall was dark and lacking natural light whatsoever, the floors were destroyed. The former kitchen was turned into a study, the former bathroom changed into a kitchen with direct access to the dining room in the central space of the flat. By connecting the central area with the living room and kitchen, we created a lighter, pleasant space, boasting a connecting wooden door and a horizontal light ledge. The darkest corner of the whole flat was turned into two small rooms: pantry and storage, accessible from the dining room. The living room and bedroom stayed where they were. The flat has district heating, so during the reconstruction, only the old radiators were replaced; the plumbing and electricity had to be replaced completely as well as all the floors. The bathroom and the toilet boast large format tiles in black and white, the kitchen was fitted with tiles in geometric patterns corresponding with the cabinets finished in black and oak. The apartment was dark overall, so we finished it mostly in light tones. Furniture is mostly from the Stockholm line from IKEA. The entry boasts a custom-made wardrobe against the entry into the dining room and a shoe storage against the entrance door, including an integrated bench and a large mirror to further enlarge the space. All the custom-made furniture was finished in oak veneer.


project: 2014/2015
realization: 2015
type of project: interior
place: Prague, Czech republic
photo: Juliana Vlčková